www.eBusiness-Indya.com is one the of leading Marketing solutions providers in India. We are located in Hyderabad provde SMS Advertising , Database Scrubbing and sales leads for marketing. We are here to offer – “The Business Unlimited“.

We Have database of about 50 Million Records which regularly updated and maintained category wise . Unlike most marketing companies ,we understand today, a business must utilize a variety of marketing mediums in order to be successful. Even the largest of companies must reach beyond the traditional mediums like televsion, newspaper or radio. and implement some of the newer medium like internet marketing. Likewise , we know that even the smallest company must implement some of the traditional mediums like direct mail, alongside their other mediums.


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Our Database Services are ideal for :

Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Consumers (B2C)
Business to Trade (B2T)

Select Database for Business to Business (B2B) :

2.FORTUNE 1000 Companies
3.Plants, Factories & Workshops
4.Small Scale Industries
5.Public Sector Undertakings
6.Companies with Multiple Offices
7.Large Employees based organizations
8.INSIDE INDIA Industrial towns and industries
9.R & D Units
10.Popular Branded Products / Services companies
11.All kinds and types of industries in vertical market (ask for your
12.Publishing & Media Houses
13.Exporters of all kinds and types (ask for your choice)
14.Banks, Finance, Stock brokers
15.Professionals & Consultants (ask for your choice)
16.Institutes : Academic, Computer, Training etc.
17.Hospitals – all types
18.Hotels & Restaurants
19.Retail Outlets, Departmental Stores & Leading Shops
20.Many more categories for effective targeting
21.Indian Business Directories
22.Indian Business & Industrial Directory
23.Indian Exporters & Importers Directory
24.Mumbai Commercial Directory
25.Delhi Commercial Directory
26.South India Commercial Directory
27.Maharastra & Gujarat Industrial Directory
28.Directory of Top 500 Companies in India
29.Directory of Top 1000 Companies in India
30.Indian Corporate’ Directory
31.Directory of Multi National Corporations in India
32.Indian Buying Houses, Agents & Purchase Directory
33.Industry wise Business Directory
34.Indian Film Industry Directory
35.Travel Agencies Directory
36.Indian Cable Operators Directory
37.Indian Transport Companies Directory
38.Indian Petrol Pumps Directory
39.Placement Consultants Directory
40.Indian Banks and Branches Directory
41.Indian Health and Medicare Directory
42.Indian Agri-Business and Food Processing Directory
43.Indian Media Companies Directory
44.Brokers and Sub Brokers Directory
45.Indian NGO Directory
46.Indian Electronics Industry Directory
47.Indian Gem and Jewelers Industry Directory
48.Indian Doctors Directory
49.Interior Designers and Architects Directory
50.Chartered Accountants Directory
51.Stock Market Traders Database
52.Highest Mobile bill payers
53. Investors
54. Industries (Small & Medium)
55. DMat A/C Holders
56. IPO Investors
57. HNI (High Net-Worth Individuals)
58. IT Professionals (Annual income above 10 lacs)
59.Directors of Ltd. & Pvt.Ltd.Cos., CEOs
60. Registered Sub Brokers
61.MBA Students All India
62.Frequent Fliers
63.Consumer Durable Owners
64.Honda City Car Owners
65.CDMA Mobile Owners
66.GSM Mobile Owners
67.Mobile Number Databases
68. Mutual Fund Investors
69.NRI Global worldwide
70. IT Professionals
71. Stock Brokers
72. Mutual Fund Investors
73. Doctors

2. International Business Directories

1. USA corporate Directory
2. World Importers Directory
3. Chinese Business Directory
4. USA Business Directory
5. Gulf Business Directory
6. World Business Directory
7. Middle East Business Directory
8. UAE Business Directory
9. India Business Directory
10. China Business Directory
11. Europe Business Directory
12. Turkey Business Directory
13. Holand Business Directory
14. Iran Business Directory
15. Poland Business Directory
16.World Business Email Directory

3. Consumer Database (B2C)

1.Mumbai Internet User
2.NRI Database
3.Indian HNI database
4.Mumbai HNI Database
5.Delhi HNI Database
6.South Indian HNI Database
7.Mumbai Mobile Subscribers
8.Mumbai Premium Mobile Users
9.Delhi Mobile Subscribers
10.Mumbai Club Members Database
11.Delhi Club Members Database
12.Indian Professionals and Salaried Executives Database
13.Indian Female Database
14.Car Owners Database
15.Two wheelers Owners Database
16.Students Database

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