How to send medicine to UK CANADA AUSTRALIA USA and other countries

So wondering how to send medicines to UK CANADA AUSTRALIA USA from India?  Many  people think that importing medicine from India is not possible. This is not true.

Food and drug administration allows a person to import a 90-day supply of foreign manufactured drug,  if it meets the following conditions.

Conditions to send medicine to UK CANADA AUSTRALIA USA from India

  1. The medicine is for serious condition and effective treatment is not available in U.S.A.
  2. The product does not represent unreasonable risk
  3. The importer affirms in writing that the drug is for personal use
  4. Importer provides his name and address
  5. Provides evidence that the drug is for continuation of treatment that began in foreign country

UK CANADA AUSTRALIA USA Customs and Border Protection message 

As a general rule, the Food and Drug Administration does not allow prescription medications to be mailed to the U.S. However, if you are here temporarily and need to be sent your prescription medication. You should do these things.

Ask your physician to write a letter explaining that you are under their care.
Explanation of why they  prescribed the drugs .
The letter should also explain the circumstances for sending the drugs to you, including that you are a citizen of (whatever) country.
That you are temporarily in the U.S. for travel, study, etc.
And finally, that you have either run out of your medications, lost them, etc.

CBP  informally detains medicines. An FDA inspector examines the package before clearing . So mark the outside package with a statement that the package contains a physician’s letter.  This helps the CBP Officer to be proactive in bringing it to the FDA’s attention. A better option is to send the package by a courier service like DHL/FeDex . They know how to flag the package so that their U.S. Customs broker will be able to tell the FDA about the special circumstances for sending the package.

To allow courier or post to clear the shipment, you must provide the following documents.

  1. Drug name (trade/generic)
  2. Dosage and drug manufacturer
  3. Description of the continuing condition the medication is used to treat
  4. Original prescription from foreign country
  5. Shipment Details Information to send medicines to USA from India.

    • Importer Name
    • Waybill Number
    • Phone Number
    • Social Security Number
    • Reason for importing shipment
    • Medicine Information
    • Medicine trade Name
    • Generic Name
    • Is this medicine available in the U.S.?
    • Does the medicine need a prescription for purchase?
    • Is it available for purchase over-the-counter?
    • Prescription Information
    • What is this medication used to treat?
    • What form is the medicine?
    1. Pills
    2. Capsules
    3. Liquid
    4. Herbs
    5. Injections
    • Dosage prescribed.
    • How many units (doses) are in the shipment?
    • Doctor Information

    Send the tracking number and photograph of the prescription to the receiver.
    Once the package reaches US. The easiest way to get it delivered is to ask the receiver to call DHS/Fedex office and mention that they are expecting a package with medicines. They will ask questions like

    • Waybill Number
    • Sender and receiver name
    • Doctor’s name
    • Medicines name
    • Reason for importing
    • What aliments you have

    In the next day or two the package is delivered. (Takes 4–7 days and costs 3500–4500 INR)

Note: Contact One Dunia Medicine Express, Hyderabad, India

Call them on +91-9394123624 Email:


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Small Scale and ancillary units (i.e. undertaking with investment in plant and machinery of less than Rs. 10 million) should seek registration with the Director of Industries of the concerned State Government.

Registering your SSI Unit

The main purpose of Registration is to maintain statistics and maintain a roll of such units for the purposes of providing incentives and support services. States have generally adopted the uniform registration procedures as per the guidelines. However, there may be some modifications done by States. It must be noted that small industries is basically a state subject. States use the same registration scheme for implementing their own policies. It is possible that some states may have a ‘SIDO registration scheme’ and a ‘State registration scheme’.

Objectives of the Registration Scheme

They are summarised as follows:


  1. To enumerate and maintain a roll of small industries to which the package of incentives and support are targeted.
  2. To provide a certificate enabling the units to avail statutory benefits mainly in terms of protection.
  3. To serve the purpose of collection of statistics.
  4. To create nodal centres at the Centre, State and District levels to promote SSI.


Features of the Scheme

Features of the scheme are as follows:

1. DIC is the primary registering centre registration is voluntary and not compulsory.
2. Two types of registration is done in all States. First a provisional registration certificate is given. And after commencement of production, a permanent registration certificate is given.
3. PRC is normally valid for 2 years and permanent registration is given in perpetuity.

Provisional Registration Certificate (PRC)

  • This is given for the pre-operative period and enables the units to obtain the term loans and working capital from financial institutions/banks under priority sector lending.
  • Obtain facilities for accommodation, land, other approvals etc.
  • Obtain various necessary NOCs and clearances from regulatory bodies such as Pollution Control Board, Labour Regulations etc.

Permanent Registration Certificate

Enables the unit to get the following incentives/concessions:

1. Income-Tax exemption and Sales Tax exemption as per State Govt. Policy.
2. Incentives and concessions in power tariff etc.
3. Price and purchase preference for goods produced.
4. Availability of raw material depending on existing policy.
5. Permanent registration of tiny units should be renewed after 5 years.

The registration under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 is for facilitating the promotion and development and enhancing the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises.

What are Micro, Small and Medium enterprises?

What are Micro, Small and Medium enterprises?

The following slabs have been prescribed under the MSMED Act to determine the status of the Enterprise:

No. Type of Enterprise Manufacturing Enterprises
(Investment in Plant and Machinery)
Service Industry
(Investment in equipment)
1. Micro Does not exceed Rs. 25 Lakh Does not exceed Rs. 10 Lakh
2. Small Exceeds Rs. 25 Lakh but does not  exceed Rs. 5 Crore Exceeds Rs. 10 Lakh but  does not exceed Rs. 2 Crore
3. Medium Exceeds Rs. 5 Crore but does not  exceed Rs. 10 Crore Exceeds Rs. 2 Crore but does  not exceed Rs. 5 Crore

Which are the classes of enterprises that may qualify for Reistration?

All classes of enterprises, whether Proprietorship, Hindu undivided family, Association of persons, Co-operative society, Partnership firm, Company or Undertaking, by whatever name called can apply for the registration and get qualified for the benefits provided under the Act.

Whether the Registration is mandatory/compulsory?

A Medium enterprise engaged in the manufacture or production of goods has to compulsorily register under the MSMED Act. For other Enterprises the registration is discretionary or optional.

Taking into consideration the benefits available under the Act, it is recommended that every enterprise shall opt for the registration.


The registration scheme has no statutory basis. Units would normally get registered to avail some benefits, incentives or support given either by the Central or State Govt. Benefits available under the MSMED Act Registration of Micro, Small and Medium (MSM) Enterprises under MSMED Act is a very powerful medium to enjoy the regime of incentives offered by the Centre generally contains the following:

Micro and Small Enterprises:

  1. Easy finance availability from Banks, without collateral requirement
  2. Protection against delay in payment from Buyers and right of interest on delayed payment
  3. Preference in procuring Government tenders,
  4. Stamp duty and Octroi benefits,
  5. Concession in electricity bills
  6. Reservation policies to manufacturing / production sector enterprises
  7. Time-bound resolution of disputes with Buyers through conciliation and arbitration
  8. Reimbursement of ISO Certification Expenses
  9. Credit prescription (Priority sector lending), differential rates of interest etc.
  10. Excise Exemption Scheme
  11. Exemption under Direct Tax Laws.
  12. Stamp duty and Octroi benefits,
  13. Statutory support such as reservation and the Interest on Delayed Payments Act.
  14. Subsidy on ISO Certifications
  15. Subsidy on NSIC Preformance and Credit ratings
  16. Participation in Govt Purchase registrations
  17. Regsiattion with NSIC
  18. Counter Guarantee from Govt of India through CGSTI
  19. Waiver in Earnest Money (Security Deposit ) in Govt tenders
  20. Stamp duty and Octroi benefits,
  21. 15% weightage in price Preference.
  22. Reduction in rate of Interest from banks (Subject to ratings)
  23. Free of Cost Govt tenders

(It is to be noted that the Banking Laws, Excise Law and the Direct Taxes Law have incorporated the word SSI in their exemption notifications. Though in many cases they may define it differently. However, generally the registration certificate issued by the registering authority is seen as proof of being SSI).

States/UTs have their own package of facilities and incentives for small scale. They relate to development of industrial estates, tax subsidies, power tariff subsidies, capital investment subsidies and other support. Both the Centre and the State, whether under law or otherwise, target their incentives and support packages generally to units registered with them.

Medium Enterprises:

  1. Easy finance availability from Banks, without collateral requirement
  2. Preference in procuring Government tenders
  3. Reservation policies to manufacturing / production sector enterprises
  4. Time-bound resolution of disputes with Buyers through conciliation and arbitration

The Buyers have to ensure whether those suppliers of goods and services are under the purview of MSMED Act i.e. the Buyers have to confirm the registration of the suppliers under the MSMED Act.

The Buyer should ensure the payment before the end of credit period decided else the interest would be payable.

In case of disputes, application to Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council (MSEFC) would trigger the conciliation and arbitration process. Once the application is done under MSEFC, there is no provision to withdraw the proceedings. Therefore, the Buyer should ensure the best ways to resolve the disputes, if any, instead approaching to MSEFC in the initial stages of dispute.

The Buyers need to ensure that the Buyer does not owe any outstanding amount including interest due to MSM Enterprises for more than 15 days. Otherwise, the Buyer needs to disclose this non-payment in the Annual Financials of the Buyer.

Payment of interest

The Act provides for the payment of compound interest at 3 times the Bank Rate by the Buyer in case of failure to make the payment with in maximum of 45 days from the date of receipt of goods or services.

Disclosure of delayed payment in audited accounts

Where any buyer is required to get his annual accounts audited under any law for the time being in force, such buyer shall furnish the following additional information in his annual statement of accounts, namely: –

The principal amount and the interest due thereon (to be shown separately) remaining unpaid to any supplier (micro or small enterprise) as at the end of each accounting year.

The amount of interest paid by the buyer along with the amounts of the payment made to the supplier beyond the appointed day during each accounting year.

The amount of interest due and payable for the period of delay in making payment (‘payment’ here means the payment which have been made but beyond the appointed day during the year and without adding the interest thereon specified under this Act for the period of delay).

Disallowance of interest under Income Tax Act, 1961

According to the Income Tax Act, 1961 the amount of interest payable or paid by any buyer, for delayed payments to Micro and Small Enterprises shall not be allowed as deduction for the purpose of computation income under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Printing of MSMED Registration/EM Number on the letter heads

The Micro and Small Enterprises should mention/get printed on their letter heads, supply order sheets, invoices, bills and other relevant documents, the MSMED Registration/Entrepreneurs Memorandum (EM) Number allotted by a competent authority, so that there remains an identification of being a MSE supplier.


Use the online application and get lifetime valid MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise) certificate on your own.

New and Existing business on both service and manufacturing industry can use this method.

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Enterprise Name
Manufacturing / Services
New / Existing Business
Organisation Type
Business Address
District / City
State / UT
Mobile Number

(MSME Certificate will be sent to this email address)
Business Start Date

(Enter Today date For New Business (format : dd-Mon-yyyy), Example 21-Mar-2006)
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More Detail About Business

(Example: Manufacture of Carpets, Retail Sale of Motor Vehicle Parts)
Investment (Lakhs)

(Plant, Machinery, Equipment etc to start your business)
Number of Employee

(Minimum 1)
Applicant Name As Printed in Aadhaar Card

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Applicant Aadhaar Number

(Aadhaar Number is Mandatory)
Applicant Category : SC / ST / OBC / General

(If you are not SC, ST, OBC then put General)
Bank Account Number

(If you do not have Current account then give Savings account details)
Bank Name
Bank IFSC code

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Online shopping websites in india list website no : 1
Ebay India : is the Indian version of Ebay offers used and fresh items with a wide network of international shipping.

Online shopping sites in india websites list 2012 : 2
HomeShop18 :
HomeShop18 India’s fastest growing media and entertainment Group. HomeShop18 has also launched India’s first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel. The website has received the ‘Best shopping site” award from PC World Magazine in 2008.

online shopping sites in india list 2012 3
Indiaplaza :
Indiaplaza is now the world’s largest India-centric e-commerce company with over one million online transacting customers globally. Indiaplaza offers support to shopping gateways of Sify, Manorama etc.

Indian online shopping sites collection 4
Naaptol :
Naaptol has grown to become India’s leading comparison based social shopping portal, the one-stop destination for all shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts.

best indian sites for online shopping list 2012 5
Future Bazaar is owned and operated by Future Bazaar India Ltd. (FBIL). The company was began business in 2007. Future Bazaar has its office and customer care (24 X 7) at Mumbai.

list of online shopping sites in india 2012 6
Infibeam offers same day delivery option, physical inspection and test drive for cars and bikes before you pay, as well as home delivery.

popular websites 2012 list for indian shopping online 7
Indiatimes :
Indiatimes shopping has the widest range of consumer electronic items at lowest prices. The portal is supported by the Times of India group.

shopping sites in india cash on delivery no 8
Retails Direct :
Retailsdirect claims to be India’s first online interactive store buys products of top most brands straight from the manufacturers themselves. The website group bargains, forum, offers reward points, blog, video chat etc.

online shopping websites in india list 2012 9
Rediff :
Rediff shopping is the online shopping division of Rediff.

top 10 websites for online shopping :
Online Shopping Website for shoes-shoes for men-shoes for women-clothing-fashion accessories-bags-home decor & home furnishings.

Amazon, Ebay, Jabong Flipkart-4.76, ebay- 4.88, 5.32, 5.39, Infibeam-5.69, Homeshop18- 5.82, Yebhi-5.88 , Snapdeal-5.93, Buytheprice-5.99 , 6.06 ,,,,,,,,

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4. Sitemap Generation – Creating and submitting sitemap to Google
5. Directory Submissions – Submit your website to online business directories
6. Article Submissions – Creating content related to your business and submitting them to various directories and blogs
7. Video Submission – Creating and submitting videos related to your business
8. Press Releases – Submitting press releases about your business, product or service
9. Social Marketing – Using social media sites like twitter, facebook etc to promote your business
10. Forums and Blog Commenting – Try to get more attention to your business through community sites where people with related interests gather

In addition to the above, we do a lot of other work for building quality links and getting more exposure for your business or website.

We don’t claim to be the best SEO service in Hyderabad. But we are among the top ones. We focus the most on getting results and on client satisfaction.

Contact Us – Affordable SEO Experts Hyderabad, India

Enquiries are welcome. Contact us on +91-93911-62671 for free quote. Hire us and get similar or better results than other high paid SEO services. Visit us: SEO Services in India

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B2B Direct Marketing lists

Looking for Better B2B Direct Marketing Lists? eBusiness Indya Information Services Will Help You to Find Them

Has this happened to you: you’ve sent out a mailing to all of the addresses on your B2B direct marketing lists only to get a large percentage of those mailings returned to you? What about this: you place a sales call to a contact on your B2B direct marketing lists only to find out after the conversation of course that the person that you’ve just talked with doesn’t have the authority to make a purchase?

Even if you’ve never experienced those situations, if you’re involved in business to business marketing, you know that it helps to have high quality B2B direct marketing lists. You understand that being able to contact the right person at the right company will make it easier for you to seal the deal and close a sale.

And that’s why, when it comes time to build better B2B direct marketing lists, you owe it to yourself to build the right list for you. And that’s where eBusiness Indya Information Services can help.

When you search eBusiness Indya nationwide directories, you will be able to find the right companies to target. You’ll be able to search for those companies using their Standard Industry Classification (SIC) coded to find a specific type of business. You’ll be able to search for companies that are a certain size by searching for companies that have a certain number of employees. You’ll even be able to search for companies with an estimated sales volume that falls within a range that you specify.

eBusiness Indya directories whether you look at the printed version or the online version allow you to get information for the companies that you want to have on your B2B direct marketing lists. And, because you can get eBusiness Indya directories for just pennies per listing, you’ll be able to save money while you compile your B2B direct marketing lists.

But you won’t just save money on compiling your B2B direct marketing lists. You’ll also be able to save money by using the eBusiness Indya directories because you will get the information you need to make sure that you are contacting the right person at the companies you target.

While the contacts associated with listings in the eBusiness Indya directories are often the company owners, company presidents or company CEOS, in many cases you are able to narrow your search and get the contact information that you need for the manager of a specific department. In other words, you’ll be able to contact the people at the companies you are targeting with your B2B direct marketing lists who can make the decision to purchase the product or service that you offer.

Don’t market your products and services to companies that will not have any use for them. Don’t waste your time talking with the wrong people. Don’t send a mailing to someone who won’t understand why they are receiving it.

Instead, work with a list of qualified, targeted leads when you work with your B2b direct marketing lists. When it comes time to plan your next direct marketing campaign, look to to learn more about how you can get more qualified leads on your B2B direct marketing lists.

Contact : +91-9391162671 / 040-32962671 Email: visit: B2B Direct Marketing lists

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Printing Packing and International Courier Services

Do you need your print requirements designed, printed and dispatched around the world ?

Then ONEDUNIA.COM is your one-stop business centres !

One Dunia International your Full Service Business Solution Centre. We pride ourselves on servicing everyone from the local resident and small business owner, to the corporate office and everything in between.

We GUARANTEE our diverse business solutions will meet your needs and our superior customer service and products will be the highest quality for design, print and copy your business has ever received.

From Corporate Volume to a One-Off Print or Poster, Our Services Include:

  • Digital Printing – Long and short run, Colour and Black & White, Manuals, Reports, Tabs, and presentation solutions
  • Offset Printing – High Volume Runs of Business Cards, Presentation Folders, Leaflets, Flyers, Booklets & much more
  • Wide Format Colour Printing – Posters, Pull-Up Banners, and Signs up to any size
  • Plan Printing and Copying – any size up to A0 and B1 – High Speed
  • Report Printing – any number of pages – Colour and Black & White
  • Carbonless Invoice Printing – Short and Long run
  • Laminating – ID Card size to Large Posters and Banners
  • Binding – Wire, Comb, Spiral, Velo, and Thermal binding for photo books or that special report
  • Graphic Design – providing design layout
  • Scanning – all documents and sizes up to A0 size ! B/W or Colour
  • Photocopying – Colour and Black & White
  • Variable Data / Mail Merge Printing – Hit your database with Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Private Mailboxes – Including 24/7 access to pick-up your mail in a secure lit, locked area
  • Mail Forwarding – Unlike Australia Post, we can accept items from any carrier including international carriers
  • Self Service B/W Copiers – Accessible to our copy card customers
  • Courier and Air Freight Services – Local, Domestic and International, send your parcels anywhere

We can assist you with all of your business services needs. You can contact us now, simply…

We provide print-pack and International courier service to Non Resident Indians and Worldwide

Print and Pack to USA Print and Pack to UK – Print and Pack to Canada – Print and Pack to Australia – Print and Pack to Malaysia – Print and Pack to Saudi Arabia Print and Pack to any country

CALL NOW : +91-9394123624 , 40-64542671 Email us :

Printing Packing and International Courier Services

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Email & Mobile Database

Email & Mobile Database SPECIAL BUSINESS OWNERS DATABASE INCLUDED 100 % Working All city wise & Categorywise Genuine Data 90%+ Accuracy 2012 Updated ​ Get You data Now Call +91 9391162671 Limitid Time Offer Call Now +91 9391162671 Database 2012 LATEST Services.

CATEGORIES:- Satewise database, Citywise Database, Districtwise database SPECIAL BUSINESS OWNERS DATABASE Inverstors Database, JUST DIAL DATABASE, Nri Database, Salaried database, student database, Doctors database, Car owners Database, Business database, Hni database, job Seekers database, all india student database, importer & exporters database, companys database, Ceo database, real state Database, High profile database, Mlm database, Chemicals & Pharmacy Database, Construction & Real Estate Database, Gifts & Crafts Database, Industrial Supplies Database, Packaging & Paper Database, Textile Products Database, Leather Products Database, Shipping Agents Database, Freight Forwarders Database, Machinery & Parts Database, Investors Database, hr employes database,credit Card Holders database,It, Bpo service centre database and many more……..

LOCATIONS :- All india – All States Particulars of Data :- name, Mobile Number, Email Id, Sex, age, address, City, State, Zip Code, profession, Designation, Company, Office ddress and so on…..


Call now : +91-9391162671 or +91-40-32962671 or Email us : visit Indian Databases and  Directory

Buy All India Business Database, All India E-Mail Database, City Wise Phone Number Database, Business Database, E-Mail Database, Mobile Number, All India Mobile Number, City Wise Business Database, Buy Ecommerce Database, Buy HNI Database, Buy Job Seekers Database

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